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The Spirit UAVs Model 20-200 and Model 100-800 share a common avionics suite with the original Spirit prototype. Called the MIAS, or Miniature Integrated Avionics Suite and produced by industry-leader Innocon, Ltd., this is a state-of-the-art system that includes on-board avionics, autopilot, datalink (uplink & downlink) and a very sophisticated mission planning station for command & control. Range is in excess of 100 km, though the Spirit Model 100-800 can be outfitted with a directional antenna to significantly extend that range. The Model 100-800, and later the Model 400-3000, have sufficient internal volume to accommodate a satellite antenna.

MIAS Mission Planning Control Station by Innocon, Ltd.Mission Control Station : The Spirit’s Mission Control Station (MCS) provides command and control of air vehicles and payloads, display and recording of payload video and air vehicle telemetry and complete mission planning functions. The system is waypoint-programmable, allowing 32 operational waypoints and 5 home waypoints, autonomous navigation with in-flight changes to waypoints and mission plans. The MCS display is built around a PC architecture, using ruggedized COTS equipment, and includes displays and control panels for the air vehicle operator and payload operator, as well as a control box for an external pilot for runway takeoff and landing. Launch and recovery is done automatically with no external pilot required.

Data Link Band : L/S/C and UHF

Data Link Range : > 100 km

Innocon Product Sheet : (Click to enlarge)

    Miniature Integrated Avionics Suite spec sheet - Innoncon Ltd.

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